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Published: 18th January 2011
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A lot of people who are impacted by acne are going for acne laser treatment as an option to beat face or body acne.Terribly severe acne does not always respond to treatment. Drug treatments just like antibiotics can't safely be taken for long time and acnes always go back when medicines are stopped.In addition,the user will be definitely resistant against the antibiotic and therefore medicinal drugs do not work any longer. Once the condition is very severe, it needs aggressive treatments that may use retinoids or even birth control pills. Using those prescription drugs long term is usually unhealthy because of side effects. Fortunately,there is a reliable acne solution - laser acne treatment.

What is acne laser treatment?
in most cases,acne laser treatment works by using a carbon dioxide laser light that shines on the skin to kill the bacteria that causes acne,and naturally encourages the skin's natural repair. It burns away follicle sac and the sebaceous gland that produces the oil. The procedure reduces acne seriously as well as scarring that is caused by acne. Acne can be treated with success by using laser treatment however it sometimes takes a several sessions.

How does acne laser treatment work?
Acne laser treatment works by heating the top layers of skin over.This helps to get rid of the bacterias, diminish the redness and prevent the over-activity of the sebaceous glands hence the oil production is lowered therefore less spots will appear. Laser treatment also can help to decrease the appearance of scarring by remodelling the top layers of skin and making tiny holes in the damaged tissue only hence the undamaged sections of skin aid in the treating. Collagen production is refilled beneath the damaged place.

Are there any side effects of acne laser treatment?
Some people,but not all, will suffer some sort of tiny adverse reaction. Roughness of the skin, discolouration and swelling of the area that has been lasered has been reported. Some people may go through a tingling or heated sensation during the procedure, but,don't worry in most instances all of the discomfort feelings in the course of acne laser treatment is small.

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